Integrity? Ethics? HA!

Barry Sewell and his followers talk repeatedly about the need for integrity. Well, remember how Karen Mayes said that she saw something about letters being sent to DE's and Barb DiGi's bosses on DBCFacts.com, but that info disappeared within a few hours? She was telling the truth.

A friend sent me this e-mail that contained what was posted on DBCFacts.com Tuesday morning:

Breaking News

Letters are being submitted to California School for the Deaf and California Department of Education regarding CSD's Principal who made inappropriate comments in a meeting held by DBC core group. The comment clearly showed disrespect for cochlear implant community, especially deaf children who uses cochlear implants and hearing parents who choose to use it on their deaf children. The group of concerned citizens felt it was highly inappropriate for this CSD staff to use violent language such as 'strangle them' with a scarf and felt it offered warning signs.

Letters are being submitted to Rochester School for the Deaf and New York State Education Department regarding one of their staff who publicly announced views against cochlear implants and oralism.

Letters are being submitted to California Association of the Deaf and National Association of the Deaf regarding ethics and conflict of interest involving an individual who serves on the board of CAD, operates DBC and owns Deafhood Foundation. This individual serves on CAD Board and makes a profit through CAD's support for DBC in order to promote her Deafhood Foundation.

DBCfacts.com is working diligently to secure copies of these letters and hopefully they will be available. When and if it happens we will post them here as soon as they become available.

THEN this is what is on DBCFacts.com as of now:

Reports were made to U.S. Dept. of Ed., CA School for the Deaf, CA Dept. of Ed, Rochester School for the Deaf, NY State Dept. of Ed, CA Assoc. of the Deaf and National Assoc. of the Deaf regarding concerns for depredatory comments made by DBC core group, some of whom works for these agencies.

Wow. You people really went that far??? Congratulations. It's a witch hunt. Don't you realize this could have horrible repercussions for both schools? This isn't just about individuals, it is about all the employees and children. You may have just handed the states of California and New York the chain to pull the plug on schools in those states. This could be the end of state schools for the deaf. Many students could be without a good school and many fine teachers, administrators, and other staff members could be out of a job. 

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